Auburn Notebook with Wallace and Loefffler

Jonathan Wallace

Auburn quarterback Jonathan Wallace and offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler discuss the offense and mindset of the team.

Wallace Ready When Needed

Auburn true freshman quarterback Jonathan Wallace has seen his role increase for the Tigers on offense since his first action against LSU in week four. Adding a passing game to his running threat last week with a completion and another called throw, Wallace said the tough thing for him is to stay ready and be prepared for when his time comes.

"The biggest part about it is preparation I would say, just keeping the mindset that everything can be called once you're out there," Wallace said. "You really have to keep an open mind. You can't get too closed in on certain things. But it all starts with preparation and you've just got to really anticipate anything that may get called."

Ball Security

One thing that Wallace must continue to work on is ball security after a pair of fumbles last week against Vanderbilt. With an emphasis on stripping the ball something most SEC teams do in practice, Wallace said that part of the game is something he'll continue to work to improve.

"I didn't expect it to happen, but you never know," Wallace said of his fumbles. "So I'll be really focusing on ball security this week, even yesterday, just going out there and working a little bit, trying to work on that as well."

No Quit In Loeffler Or Tigers

As a coach who went through some tough times in his one season with the Detroit Lions, Scot Loeffler said he sees similar things from this Auburn team to the one that worked hard to turn things around in the Motor City. Loeffler said seeing how hard guys are working every day lets him know success is just around the corner for Auburn.

"You see guys day in and day out coming to work, busting their rear end in practice," Loeffler said. "That comes from the leadership of our head coach. Our head coach hasn't give in and will never give in. I can promise you on the offensive side of the ball along with the defensive coordinator and the defensive staff that is not in our nature.

"That's why I think this group is going to develop into a very good team. They are in adverse waters and it's tough right now, but as this group matures they're not going to forget this nor are we. They are going to grow from this and they are going to fight their rear ends off to make sure it doesn't happen again."

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