Bryant wants to stay in the South

Bryant wants to stay in the South

After decommitting from Oklahoma, Greg Bryant maintained that the Sooners were still in the race for his skills. Now, he says he's no longer considering Oklahoma. The 2013 running back has a new top three schools and they are all in the South. Get the latest on the American Heritage (Delray Beach, FL) standout here.

After once again eliminating Oklahoma Greg Bryant says his new top three are Florida State, Auburn, and South Carolina. At the end of the day, Oklahoma was just too far from home for Bryant.

"Distance is a big factor and Oklahoma is so far away. I want to stay in the south and play in the SEC," he said.

Bryant knows Florida State isn't in the SEC, but he says the Seminoles would be the only exception if he decided to play outside the conference.

"I'm hearing from Florida State a lot, they want me to come in and play and be a big part of their program," Bryant said.

The 5-foot-10, 205-pound running back says the biggest factors in his decision are playing time and coaching stability.

"(Playing time is) important because I'm really looking forward to my future. I really want to be the best and I want to get on the field early as a freshman," he said.

"Coaching stability is really important because I want to go to a program that has the same coaches year round – I want to be comfortable with that."

There's been plenty of speculation that Auburn in in for a coaching change, but Bryant says that doesn't bother him.

"It doesn't affect me because they'll most likely have a new head coach and he'll be there all my years there," he said.

Bryant has also been talking to South Carolina a lot and feels a good bond with the coaching staff there.

"Steve Spurrier and I have a great relationship," he said.

Bryant plans to visit all three schools sometime after his senior season. For now, he's focused on repeating a state championship. Recommended Stories

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