Kyler Murray's MVP Performance

Dallas, Texas - Junior quarterback Kyler Murray (5'10/170) led his Allen team to another State Championship. Here is a look at him in action from Saturday's game.

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Junior Kyler Murray of Allen High School in Texas is one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks in the country regardless of class. He led the nation's No. 2 team in the Scout Top 50 to a win in Texas' largest classification over Pearland. The game broke Texas' high school attendance record with better than 54,000 to see the game.

The scary thing about Murray, is he makes the game look easy. He's the quickest guy on the field. He has tremendous field vision, and a lightning quick release. Murray can flick his wrist from the pocket and put a ball on the money 30 yards down field.

When watching him, I was thinking, "it can't be as easy he's making it look."

Murray's twitter page has two words for his entire description: "It's Easy".

OK, so maybe it is that easy.

Here's a look at Murray's MVP performance in Allen's 63-28 win over Pearland. Recommended Stories