Blake Talks Big Changes and Bama

Auburn WR Emory Blake

Auburn's upperclassmen have experienced the highest highs and lowest lows in just two seasons of football. With a brand new offensive scheme and a "go out there and take it" attitude, Emory Blake discusses expectations for the upcoming year.

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Auburn WR Emory Blake...

On the transition to Offensive Coordinator Scot Loeffler:

"It's a complete change. It's a completely different style of offense than what we've run in the past few years. It should make us a much better offense."

On personal changes on offense:

"[Our new offense] requires a lot more moving around for me. I'll be able to run a lot more; that'll be the biggest difference for me."

On a 2010 BCS Championship followed by five losses in 2011:

"Of course, two years ago was a lot more fun...but sometimes you have to go through things to make you better and make you stronger. I don't know if people remember, but [in 2009], we were also 8-5. Now, we know what to do in those big games. I expect bigger things from us this year.

"It doesn't matter what you've done the year before...anything can happen."

On the historic Alabama rivalry:

"You know, they're Alabama. They're going to get their credit; that's just how it is. Being at Auburn, I know we have the ability to do the same thing...

"Just because it's not given to you doesn't mean you can't go out there and take it." Recommended Stories